Dems Schedule Key Vote On Cap And Trade

With so many issues on the table, the Blue Dogs overwhelmed and the press distracted, the Dem Leadership is trying to sneak a key vote on cap and trade this week. It’s called flooding the zone. Sneaky, sneaky. Don’t let them gat away with it.

They want to fight on multiple fronts; hoping to disperse our strength; and weaken the resolve of the Blue Dogs. They state so themselves:

I’m pleased to see it come to the floor quickly, striking while the iron is hot. I’m not a fan of how the take it slow, don’t do too much at once approach has worked out for the Democratic agenda. Putting up one fight at a time against opponents who throw everything they’ve got at anything we put forward just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense strategically. I like the idea of forcing them to disperse their strength, fight on multiple fronts, and basically, be in the news every day, over and over, saying “no” to ten different things at once.” – Some Loser On Kos

Perhaps, they know they are losing the battle of public opinion. Time is not on their side. It’s a tactical move and a battle of wills.

If you know a Blue Dog or a Rust Belt Democrat; give them a ring; remind them of the polls; and tell them to grow a backbone.

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