Your Eyes May Burn; Sunday Trolling The Liberal Blogosphere

  • Still obsessed with Jean Schmidt. Dems are excited about David Krikorian, candidate for OH-02. He ran for the seat as an independent with the backing of the Libertarian Party in 2008, but is running as a Dem in 2010. However, guys who float around unhinged like Krikorian usually make bad candidates in the end. The unprincipled Krikorian.
  • The Left is delighting in a Paul Begala and Meaghan McCain showdown that occurred on Real Time with Bill Maher. How dumb is Meaghan to think she can go on Real Time and get some kind of pass because she is a “cool” Republican. How dumb are liberals to think we care about Meaghan McCain. Meaghan gets schooled.
  • The Kooks are handicapping the 2010 Congressional rematches. They are excited about:

    Bill Hedrick (D) challenging Rep. Ken Calvert (R) – CA
    Scott Harper (D) challenging Rep. Judy Biggert (R) – IL
    Elwyn Tinklenberg (D) challenging Michele Bachmann (R) –MN

    They think we have are eyes on:

    Lou Barletta (R) challenging Frank Kanjorski (D) – PA
    Steve Chabot (R), challenging Steve Driehaus (D) –OH
    Andy Harris (R) challenging Frank Kratovil (D) – MD

  • Proof that Obama’s strongly approve numbers are going down. Helen Thomas appeared on the “Ron Reagan” show (always sickening) and unfavorably compared Obama to Bush on foreign policy. First, Code Pink. Now, Helen Thomas. Pretty soon Obama will be a member of the neo-con conspiracy. Crazy Lady.
  • As the SEIU, and other powerful unions, descend on Washington. The words “Powerful special interest groups” and “lobbyists” will never be uttered from the media. Tools.