Welcome Sherman Frederick; Publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal Bolts The Democratic Party

Ensign Schm-ensign. People are not sitting at home worrying about whether their Senators are true to their marital vows. They are worried about the country their children will inherit.

Nevada is showing its libertarian bent. The John Ensign story will evaporate like a puddle on the hot asphalt of a Nevada’s summer’s day. But the libertarian-minded Democrats of this libertarian-minded state are becoming increasingly petrified of Obama and the puppet masters behind the Democratic Party and its real agenda. They are starting to realize whose boss.

That’s what prompted Sherman Frederick, publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, to leave the Democratic Party. The Las Vegas Review-Journal is the largest circulating daily newspaper in the state of Nevada. Mr. Frederick thought it best to explain his switch. It’s a succinct, but potent explanation.

It’s always good to have a publisher of the leading newspaper in a swing state openly revolt. Welcome Sherman Frederick.

And no Sherman, this Republican is not unhappy to see you coming.