Sci-Fi Fans; Barf Alert

Want to catch a summer blockbuster to take you mind off Obama and world affairs? Then don’t see Transformers II.

Unfortunately, President ZerO makes an appearence in Transformers II. I suspect the average Restate reader may not be familiar with the Transformers franchise, but the franchise is a smashing success and this sequel is highly anticipated.

Bay and Obama briefly met during the election, when Bay approached Obama at an airport. Obama complemented Bay for being a “big-ass director”. Bay, swooning from his encounter, felt obliged to pay homage to Obama in the new flick.

Barf alert:

Bay explained that he was inspired to put Obama in the movie instead of some fictional president because the two have met in passing…He put references to the real-life president into the story, including images on a few background TV monitors. But the message is clear: If giant robots fight on Earth, Bay wants Obama in the Oval Office.

We all know that if the Autobots and the Decepticons were having an epic throwdown on planet earth, Obama would undoubtedly reach out to both sides and vote ‘PRESENT’.

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