Creeping Carolina Blues Courtesy of Boston

Boston’s own “Banking Terrorist” is relocating to Charlotte.

Bruce Marks, head of Boston’s Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), former “Bostonian of the Year”, and self-identified ‘banking terrorist’, is taking his operation South.

A growing feud between Marks and the City of Boston has led Marks to cease expansion in Boston. Instead, Marks has accepted a million dollar grant from North Carolina, courtesy of Governor Perdue, to expand his “nonprofit” operation in Charlotte.

More than 1,000 new “private sector” jobs will be created in Charlotte. The Boston Herald describes Marks as a “self-identified bank terrorist who has long used aggressive protest tactics to force banks to provide loans for low-income people”.

Although his efforts have been heralded in uber-liberal Boston, Marks latest expansion efforts were rebuffed because Marks is widely considered a jerk.

Astonishingly, Charlotte based Bank of America has partnered with NACA in the past and has committed six billion dollars to its lending program.

This is exemplary of “corporate America” and “establishment” Republicans underestimating the malicious and long term intent of neo-Marxist liberals and the corrosive effects of their programs. Governor Perdue is already gloating about the new good paying “private sector” jobs. The naivety of Bank of America is inexplicable .

The Blue cancer grows in North Carolina.

Boston take.

Charlotte take.