Since You Don't Visit MSNBC; Some Devasting Poll Numbers

The bloom is plumetting of the the rose for Obama. A NBC/WSJ poll that shows the public rapidly losing confidence in Obama’s policies actually made the front page of MSNBC. I think I can hear Olbermann and Matthews caterwauling from Boston. Mark Murray would be wise to wear a bullet proof vest for a week or so. Since MSNBC didn’t scuttle this article, I’ll assume there was no way to deny its legitmacy.

The lede:

Poll: Public increasingly concerned about deficit; NBC/WSJ survey also shows concern over intervention in private sector

The spending and government growth have people concerned:

“Nearly seven in 10 have serious reservations about the federal government’s ownership stake in General Motors. Almost 60 percent say that President Obama and Congress should worry more about keeping the deficit down — even if that means it will take longer for the economy to recover. And fewer than half of Americans have confidence in the president’s policies to improve the economy. “

And he’s losing independents:

“But the president’s overall approval rating is at 56 percent, which is down five percentage points from April. The drop mainly comes from independents, who backed Obama by 60 percent to 31 percent in April, but approve of him now by a 46-44 clip.”

This was prior to the health care debate and the final budget of course. Stay the course Republicans.

The MSNBC article here.