The “Joe Show” Strikes Again

Joe Biden stated on Meet the Press this morning that everyone guessed wrong on the recent unemployment numbers. The Obama administration had promised that unemployment would remain at eight percent if his stimulus plan passed. It did pass and unemployment quickly grew past eight percent.

But not everyone was wrong. Perhaps, everyone in Joe’s cocooned universe, but not everyone. You may want to consult Republicans from time to time. Joe also stated that “At the time our forecast seemed reasonable. Now, looking back, it was clearly too optimistic.” Looking back a whooping five months. If the Obama administration cannot project five months into the future, what does that say about its long term projections and plans.

And Joe goes back into the doghouse, where he is quickly muzzled.

But hey, that’s just Joe being Joe. (Cue the sitcom music). From a distance, we hear Barack yell – “Jooeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!” Michelle grins and exclaims, “Oh Joe”. Rahm shakes his head in disbelief. Joe looks at the camera, shrugs his shoulders, lifts his palms to the air and gives the camera a dumb look. (Fade out to sitcom music).

The background chorus sings: It’s Joe. It’s Joe. It’s good ole Joe.

It gets better. Good ole Joe is already talking about his own White House run. You can’t make this stuff up. Joe Being Joe.

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