Sarah Palin On The Today Show

This is probably just a comment, but this is a great clip worth sharing. Sarah Palin gave a great performance on The Today Show this morning. Matt Lauer is tough, but fair. It’s nice to see Sarah Palin on a level playing field.

The feud with David Letterman has received much attention. However, Lauer started the interview with questions about the Alaskan gas pipe line and the “lightweight” Palin knocked the issue out of the park. She looked strong, informed, and poised.

She also refused to relent on Letterman. She gave her most thoughtful, poignant and passionate response yet. She maintained her charm, even giving a shout out to flight attendants. And she never played the role of the victim, but instead gave a strong defense her daughters and drew attention to young women in general. She also called out the media double standard as applied to Obama’s family and hers.

An intelligent, tough and unapologetic performance. Pitch perfect.

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