Quick Note On Patrick Kennedy And Substance Abuse

I think it’s rather classy that most conservatives and most conservative blogs have avoided the Patrick Kennedy story. Teddy Kennedy has been my Senator for most of my life. His son Patrick Kennedy was my Congressman, when I lived in Rhode Island for a period. I know them well and I have plenty of issues with them both.

For those who don’t know, Patrick voluntarily checked himself into rehab. I was surprised by the relative silence today. I suspect the first response of many is to scoff or chuckle, but it appears most pundits refrained from commentary. It is important to remember that this was voluntary. It was not mandatory, or court ordered. There was no intervention. It was a proactive decision. Addiction can be a real disease and those who have the strength to admit they have a problem and voluntarily check themselves into rehab do not deserve ridicule.

This is especially true for public figures. I’m sure Patrick Kennedy knew the repercussions to himself and his family. I’m sure he had the money and resources to hide away and avoid the issue. Instead, he recognizes he has a life long battle with substance abuse and took proactive measures to get help. That takes some courage. We are not the Left. Let him have his peace and lets run a fair race against him in 2010.

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