Dems Attack "Nut" Republican in FL-24 Race

How quickly can a Democrat assassinate a Republican candidate’s character? As fast as they can get media access and call that person unstable. That’s how fast.

That’s how quickly the attacks on Republican candidate Karen Diebel occurred. As soon as Diebel announced her candidacy for FL-24, Florida Democratic Party Spokesman Eric Jotkoff released the following statement:

Karen Diebel’s unstable and erratic behavior raises questions about her qualifications for Congress. Central Floridians are looking for more than failed policies and old ideas; they expect steady, common-sense leadership during these difficult economic times, which is exactly why they elected Suzanne Kosmas.

Regarding the accusation, the Orlando Sentinel writes:

When pressed, Jotkoff mentioned news reports about an incident in April 2007, when Diebel called police to her home to report she felt threatened because of her vote on commuter rail, then a hotly contested issue before the commission. In the police report, Diebel was quoted as saying her son had found a snake in the pool and she thought it was connected to a threatening anonymous phone call she received the previous day.The police report noted that the call came a day before the sentencing of a truck driver whose semi plowed into Diebel’s husband, obstetrician Donald Diebel, Jr., who had stopped to help a stranded motorist on Florida’s Turnpike in 2002.

A couple of months later, she surprised commissioners with an emotional outburst during a discussion about burying the city’s power lines. Friends attributed it to the stress she was under because of the five-year anniversary of her husband’s death.

You stay classy Orlando Democrats. Even the liberal Politico noted the nastiness of this attack this early in the race.

It’s the classic James Carville ‘nut or slut’ line of attack against Republican women. FL-24 is a competitive district that leans Red and Democrats are determined to hold it and are trying to destroy Diebel’s candidacy fresh out the gate by perpetuating stereotypes against conservative women. Their vile hostility towards conservative women seems to know no bounds.