Buy Drugs; Kill Your Dealer; Cook His Body; Get Protection From The Teamsters – Just Another Day In Taxachusetts

In the hack-o-rama state of Massachusetts, there may be no better example of government waste, excess, and corruption than the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. The infamous Massachusetts toll takers are represented by The Teamsters. They are politically connected, grossly overpaid and often perform their duties with contempt and rudeness.

Paul Moccia is one such toll taker. For sitting in a booth and making change, Moccia made $63,000 last year. Still, that wasn’t enough to cover Moccia’s coke habit. Moccia ran up a $70,000 drug debt that he could not repay, so, the politically connected crook decided to kill his dealer, dismember his body, cook the body parts and dispose of the parts in a local cement factory. Moccia was arrested.

Like many states, Massachusetts in bordering insolvency. But the Teamsters have decided to file a grievance on Moccia’s behalf over the “unjust suspension for the criminal allegation of murder”. They want him to receive his full salary. Before this sordid episode, Moccia had other documented problems. At this time, the taxpayers of Massachusetts can ill afford to pay the twisted Moccia his excessive salary while he sits behind bars.

Please do not let these money grubbing thugs come to a city near you. Protect the taxpayer and protect American businesses and stop EFCA.

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