Residents of Massachusetts; Please Support Charlie Baker

Here is a petition to draft Charlie Baker for Governor. Charlie has been exploring a run against Deval Patrick. Although he worked in the Weld and Celluci administrations, he is not a political creature and needs some exposure and support. Presently, Charlie is the highly successful and respected CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. He is incredibly smart and charismatic. He’s a likable guy who should campaign well across the state.

Since he is a business man, many of his positions have not been flushed out and nuanced. The source of his strength and the base of his platform will be his business savvy, his pro-growth economic positions and his sense of fiscal responsibility.

And please spare me all the RINO inquiries and garbage. No, we are not going to run our highest ranking “real” conservative, which is probably the tree warden of the Town of Mattapoisett. And no, we are no going to sit on our hands while NerObama and Cadillac Deval burn Rome to the ground. We have families, finances, businesses and homes to protect.

I’ll save my conservative activism for forums and places where it can make a difference. In the meantime, I will work to defeat Democrats, elect Republicans and re-build my party.