Epic Ratings Throwdown: 'Lie To Me' Versus Obama/TOTUS

Fox is preempting the Obama/TOTUS primetime address for regular scheduled programming. ABC, NBC and CBS will run the Obama/TOTUS self-love fest. Fox will run the television show ‘Lie to Me’.

In the one corner, we will have the smarmy Telepromter-in-Chief engaging in a half hour of self-absorption and self-love. It will be followed by a media swoon fest reminiscent of a Jonas Brother Concert.

In the other corner, we will have A-List actor Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs, the Incredible Hulk, …) in his new hit series, Lie To Me. Roth plays Doctor Cal Lightman, a clinical psychologist who assists Federal law enforcement agencies by examining and interpreting personal behavior patterns. You can’t lie to doctor Cal Lightman. He will know!!!

What will be in store Wednesday as Cal and his crack team use their gifts to help track down America’s Most Wanted. Hmmm. Of course, you can always watch the other channels, where there will be some guy stuttering a lot, while he tells you how awesome he is and periodically gazes at the ceiling.

I say Fox in a ratings bonanza. Spread the word and watch Fox humiliate Obama and deter other networks from running his monthly prime time addresses.

Fox Denies The One