Shane Murphy, Rush Limbaugh, Media Malpractice and Massachusetts

Shane Murphy of the Maersk Alabama launched a verbal attack against Rush Limbaugh in an interview with a Boston news station. The station used this story as their tease all evening long on Friday night. I rarely watch local media, but stayed up to watch this newscast.

To my amazement, Murphy went on record to state:

“It feels great to be home…With the exception of Rush Limbaugh who is trying to make this into a race issue. It’s disgusting. The president did the right thing. It’s a war. It’s about good versus evil. And what you (Limbaugh) said is evil, that is hate speech. I won’t tolerate it,”

It appears that either Murphy or the news station took parts of a Rush commentary from his website and applied them out of context. I recall listening to Rush that day and he was liberally applying sarcasm and snark in typical Rush fashion.

That Murphy and ABC could have so thoroughly missed the point is illuminating. The local news outlet has no journalistic integrity and Murphy is a brainwashed byproduct of Massachusetts. I doubt either Murphy or the media bothered to listened to or read the entirety of Rush’s comments. I also doubt that Murphy has any familiarity with Rush’s actual positions or oratorical style.

Murphy lecturing Rush on the nature of war and good and evil, while defending this President is nothing short of hilarious. Murphy is from Seekonk, Massachusetts. He attended Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Buzzard’s Bay. He comes from parts where the mere mention of the name Rush Limbaugh upsets people. It is evident that Murphy thinks he is being righteous and patriotic, but is woefully misguided. Another apparent byproduct of Massachusetts indoctrination and group think. That people can be so misinformed amazes me.

Shane Murphy needs to get a book deal and use some of that money to buy a freaking clue.