Hey Steve Schmidt - 61.1% to 37.0% and 52.3% to 47.7%

Dear Steve Schmidt,

1) 61.1% to 37.0%

2) 52.3% to 47.7%

Nuff said.

Just in case I need to clarify. Steve Schmidt, Cindy McCain and Meghan McCain are attending the Log Cabin Republican convention this week. Camp McCain is making some noise with its support for gay marriage.

I will give Meghan McCain a pass. She’s young, naïve and out of her league discussing conservativism and political strategy. I’ll give “The Hills” crowd a few years to marinate in reality before I take their poltical opinions seriously.

Steve Schmidt is another story. Interestingly, the Log Cabin convention is Schmidt’s first public appearance since the election. He offers strong support of gay marriage and warns that the Republican Party will marginalize itself and lose votes if it does not change its stance on gay marriage. He also states that Republicans need to reach out to Hispanics, which is ironic because Hispanics are largely Catholic and embrace a machismo culture that is not supportive of gay marriage.

Schmidt is just not making any sense. The numbers above refer to the margin of Obama’s victory over McCain in California and the margin that Californians rejected same-sex marriage. No commentary is needed regarding the progressive nature of California as compared to the rest of the country. The defeat of gay marriage in liberal California during an election year that saw a Democratic tide sweep the nation speaks for itself.

Schmidt’s an insider. He should know the numbers. There is no reason to explain his obstinate view on gay marriage other than denial. Historically, the McCain camp has harbored resentment towards “social conservatives”. I won’t profess to know what Camp McCain is thinking now. However, I do know this:

McCain lost. Gay marriage lost. Loser squared does not equal winner. Schmidt and his message need to go gently into the good night.