WARNING: A Public Service Announcement On Tea Parties And Slang - Don't Be A Unwitting Dupe

Warning this diary addresses a vulgar subject.

This isn’t really a pleasant topic. It’s rather obscene. Liberals are much more hip and vulgar than conservatives and they think it’s funny and cool to make conservatives, the innocent, and the old look stupid. I feel the need to address tea parties and common slang because I hate seeing unwitting conservatives become the butt of jokes and its starting to happen a lot.

Okay, this is gross. The terms “tea bagging” and “tea bagger” have EXPLICIT sexual connotations. They describe a specific sexual act and are commonly used in the gay community. These terms has been around a while.

Liberals are making a mockery of conservatives by applying these terms to unsuspecting victims. Watch Rachel Maddow. Here. She knows exactly what she is saying. It’s like one big vulgar inside joke for liberals. They are laughing at us. Even the Huffington Post has admitted as much. Here.

It’s like something you see on such shows as the Tom Green show, Jackas, the Daily Show or the Colbert Report. A young reporter will ask some unwitting conservative about Tea Parties and ask them if they support “tea bagging” and the conservative will answer with an enthusiastic yes. Ha. Ha. Ha. Get it. Conservatives are so lame. Conservatives are so dumb. Such prudes.

So, during this Tea Party season, please spare yourself any embarrassment and don’t give them any ammunition or satisfaction. If you do not want to be an unwitting dupe for these obscene jerks do NOT deviate from the term “Tea Party”.

If you must know, you can search for yourself on www.urbandictionary.com. If you are easily offended, I suggest that you don’t