The Teleprompter President Refuses to Discuss Hijack Attempt and American Hostage

Many, including the adoring sycophants in the media, wondered how Obama would respond to the amazing series of events that occurred yesterday off the Gulf of Aden.

This morning, Teleprompter-In-Chief held an event at the White House on the housing crisis. According to Reuters, the Teleprompter-In-Chief was asked to comment on the hostage situation several times by reporters, but refused to address them. True to form, the Teleprompter-In-Chief would not deviate from the script and only addressed housing questions.

Is he such a disaster off script that he is too paralyzed to answer one question on this significant story? Or is he such a naïve patsy that he refuses to acknowledge that the world is a dangerous place despite his bowing and kowtowing? Or is he loath to recognize American heroism, defiance and exceptionalisim is the face of such danger?

It’s been a full day and not a peep from Obama. The American people are astonished by the brazen assault on an American flagged vessel by modern day pirates and Obama gives us nothing; Not an expression of sympathy or concern for the families and seamen involved; Not a warning to our adversaries and enemies; Not an acknowledgement of American heroism. He remains eerily silent and callously focused on script. The disconnect here is astounding.

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