Pennies For Churchill... The Disgusting One, Not The Hero That Obama Hates

Ward Churchill won his suit against the University of Colorado. I hate academia. From coast to coast they are tools for the Marxist agenda and they are corrupt, foul mendicants to boot. The University of Colorado is one of the worse culprits. But I must give credit where credit is due. The University of Colorado took on Ward Churchill, one of the most vile “citizens” able to claim American citizenship. The University of Colorado lost. The monetary compensation they owe Churchill — $1.00. Too much I say.

It is beneath the University of Colorado to pay this tool — $1.00. Much to my regret, I am not a good organizer. But I do know that faculty information at a public university is public information. Do I send all my pennies to Churchill’s office or directly to the University of Colorado?

If people join me, we could saturate the University of Colorado and make local headlines. Or we could just send them to Ward himself and turn him into a laughing stock. I’d hope that some reasonable students of the University of Colorado would make an effort to join me and toss pennies at him whenever they see him.

Let’s prevent the next generation’s Bill Ayers from garnering as much credibility as the real Bill Ayers.