Our Huckster Stockbroker-In-Chief

Remember when liberals like Ken Burns routinely bashed Bush for urging Americans to go shopping after 9/11. Of course, Bush’s remarks were taking out of context. Bush was speaking of the need to live our lives without intimidation. It was important to show the world and the terrorists our resiliency in the face of terror. We got on with our lives and our economy and our country recovered miraculously. Terrorists were put on notice that attacking America was an exercise in futility. Bush was right.

Now, Obama has his own crisis; a crisis that his anti-business and uninspiring administration has perpetuated and exacerbated. And Obama has responded in kind. Obama has turned into America’s huckster stockbroker-in-chief by pushing crumbling stocks on a desperate and anxious public. Bush effectively urged people to get on with their lives. The Community Organizer returned to his Wall Street roots and began pushing flopping stocks. Only one will be subject to ridicule.

First, Obama returns a cherished bust of Winston Churchill to Great Britain with great insult. Then Obama cancels a much ballyhooed meeting with Gordon Brown because of snow to the bewilderment of the Brits. Now, during Obama’s first press conference Gordon Brown, the dignified Brits must watch our President act like a first rate huckster. Because, as you know, “profit and earning ratios are starting to get to the point where buying stocks is a potentially good deal if you’ve got a long-term perspective on it.”

Yeah right.