And I Brand, I Brand So Far Away!

The key to any good marketing campaing — branding! Obama is obviously a master at the art of branding as witnessed here here and here. Team Obama certainly knows how to brand, so its makes sense that they have decided to barand all Stimulus funded projects with this insignia.

All the dollars that will be pumped into all those projects. There will be thousands of projects touched by the spendulus bill and each and every one will be branded with another version of the ‘O’. Obama’s omnipresent ‘O’ will become even more Orwellian.

“Look at all the goodies that Obama gave us while bankrupting the country” all the little boys and girls will exclaim while playing in their new parks and gymnaseums and staring at the omnipresent ‘O’.

Pepsi has already adopted the ‘O’ in its latest marketing campaign. Soon enough the ‘O’ will be worth 100 points in scrabble games and elementary students will receive extra points every time they use a word with the letter ‘O’.

Imagine if all former Presidents took this approach. What would the country look like? Would Bush tattoo a ‘W’ on every free Iraqi? Would every bottle of prescription drugs purchased under Plan D have a ‘W’ and a picture of Bush giving thumbs up? Will all of Laura’s and Jenna’s children books come with a giant ‘W’ on the cover and a family photo on the backflap? I mean really. Is it possible to be Orwellian and tacky at the same time?

Does EgObama have no humililty?