A 2012 CNN Poll and a Quick Example of Media Bias

A new CNN poll on possible Republican candidates for 2012 has Sarah Palin leading. The Hill published this blurb on the poll.

Note the headline states that the poll is a mixed blessing for Palin. The poll shows her leading the pack, so what could be the mixed blessing. According to The Hill, “the numbers aren’t persuasive enough to win over GOP analysts/insiders/strategists”.

The Hill cites Rob Gray, a “Republican” consultant. According to Gray:

“Most GOP insiders and operatives see her as out of her depth and inexperienced. I’m not sure many believe that someone who didn’t pass the perception test for vice president will achieve enough seasoning in the coming 3 years to legitimately run for President in her own right… the caricature of Palin seems to be drawn in ink.”

Who is this “Republican” consultant? Rob Gray is a Republican from Boston. A Romney surrogate? Nope. He worked for former Republican Governor William Weld, the same William Weld that voted for Obama. Gray is generally aligned with Mass Republicans that opposed Romney for being too conservative. This is who they cite for Sarah Palin’s bad news.

While Palin is minding her business in Alaska, the elites war on Sarah Palin continues unabated.