Thaddeus McCotter Speach On The House Floor

Tammy Bruce played this on the Laura Ingraham show yesterday. It is worth taking a moment to listen to the whole thing:

I like this clip not only for its conservative content, but also because it serves as a reminder to conservatives that there are real people with real problems out there. Yes, we can all agree that this bill is a crap sandwich. Yes, we can all agree that socialism sucks. Yes, the entitlement state is corrupt and bankrupt. Yes, big government and liberal values are destroying our country.

But it is not enough just to recite the Federalist Papers and wish we could turn back the clock to Calvin Coolidge if we ant to win votes. Most people are not ideologues. They’ll defend freedom. They want lower taxes. They want responsible government, but they do not pine for no government.

McCotter’s speech hits a note that Republicans would be wise to mimic. And all the holier than though conservatives should leave a guy like McCotter alone. I read people giving him crap for some of his stances on the auto industry. He’s a Republican in Michigan. If your not from his district, keep a lid on it. I sure he hears stories from people like Greg all the time. Nobody is perfect. He is a good representative and his success in a blue district demonstrates that.