Its a Conservative's Duty to Celebrate the Super Bowl; So Let's Celebrate!

Every now and then the Republicans show a little moxie and score a few points on the political front, but we conservatives have been dreadful fighting the culture war. Liberal intellectuals are masterful at this and they often dictate the playing field and the terms. It is high time conservatives start taking ownership of our unique traditional American culture. It is ours to preserve. It is ours to celebrate. Here are a few reasons why conservatives should own and celebrate football and the Super Bowl:

– Football is a uniquely American sport. It was invented in America. It is revered in America like no other country. The world doesn’t get it and that is just fine. Academics often try to push the soccer or the Olympics on the American public as a means to integrate the globe. Liberals can have soccer. We’ll take football. Football is a unique American cultural phenomenon and we should own, protect and celebrate it.

– Celebration of American machismo. The feminist hordes of academia will stick their heads in the sand today. Rarely are celebrations of masculinity and male machismo tolerated in American society anymore. It’s just not politically correct. But the Super Bowl is too popular. The liberal elites dare not touch it. This is not misogynistic just a rejection of the liberal social engineering that works to perpetuate and celebrate the new sensitive passive American male. Boys don’t always need Ritalin; Try putting them on the football field.

– Bonds families and generations. There is no generation gap in football. Men can turn twenty one and can sit down with their grandfathers, fathers, brothers and sisters and enjoy a beer and engage in the type of camaraderie that bonds our families and our social networks. In our rapid moving and decaying culture, many of our leisure activities have become generational. Kids play video games and ride skateboards. There is a growing divide between generations that breeds lack of respect for tradition and authority. Today, high school kids and old timers can sit and talk about the greatest game on the planet and foster mutual respect.

– Assimilates cultures. Our major American sports like football help assimilate cultures. The celebration of diversity is a red herring for more malicious intentions. Yes, we can celebrate our unique backgrounds and heritages, but we must also celebrate those things that bind us as Americans. It’s amazing how quickly immigrants will attach themselves to our unique American sports. It is one of our greatest weapons against the balkanization of our country. Today, Irish immigrants in Boston; Puerto-Rican immigrants in New York City; Mexican immigrants in Phoenix; and Russian immigrants in Miami will all become a little more American.

– Celebration of hard work, individual responsibility and team work. Many virtues are learned playing the sport of football. Football is a team game and teamwork is critical. But in this new age of collectivism, teamwork is widely celebrated. What football also teaches is our individual responsibility within the framework. We must rely on each other, but we all must carry our own weight. Each man has a job to do for the greater goal. There are many great life lessons and virtues learned from football, but in this time and age accepting hard work and individual responsibility within a team framework is of the utmost importance.

– Celebration of American traditions. Football is woven into the fabric of our history and culture. It is part of our culture. We are cajoled into celebrating every else’s cultures in the name of diversity, but rarely do we even understand what American culture is all about. It is not the stuff you find in museums. It’s all around us. It the barbeques and the buffalo wings that we will cook. It is the beers that we will drink. It is the our sense of humor that we will find in commericals. It is in the way we gather around pubs and homes of friends and family. It is the way we love our football like English hooligans love their “football”. We have to start recognizing and celebrating our own culture and traditions.

-Capitalism baby. It’s not really trendy right now. But three million dollar commercials. Got to love it.

God Bless America

I did this off the top of my head; consider this an open thread and an ode to football