So Much for Diversity; Obama and the White Dork Republican Gathering

Obama’s dinner with a dozen or so conservative luminaries at George Will’s house warrants a “what the hell was that” response.  Most puzzlesome are the invitees. From what I’ve gathered, one could mistaken the invitee list to this little sware for an annual Brahmin’s Ball at a local equestrian club in upstate New York.


Was there a single person there who couldn’t date the wine or tell what kind of cheese they were eating?  I have nothing against them individually, but if you’re going to invite ten or so conservatives to a gathering, you would think they would diversify the field a little. Does anybody know if Thomas Sowell or Larry Elder were invited?


I won’t read too much into this. It is nothing more than Obama trying to look like a big tent, open minded guy. It means nothing. It was all symbolism, but that frightens me. Did Obama really think these people represent the full spectrum of conservatism or, more insidiously, is he trying to give this wing of the party more credence and exposure and thus help define conservatism? 


Will, Brooks, Noonan, Kristol, Krauthammer, Kudlow, Lowry … Now that I think, of it maybe this was just one big Sarah Palin bashing party. Maybe Obama hopes that empowering the beltway conservative illuminati  will ensure another McCain like stooge for the 2012 election.