Rally for Gordon Smith

People are too reflective. The only thing we have left right now is the Filibuster and there is still one Republican Senate seat we can save. I have not talked too much about ACORN and voter fraud because I did not think it made the difference in the McCain race (although it could have in Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia).

But it could definitely be a factor in the Oregon Senate race. They are calling the Oregon Senate race for Merkley by a miniscule amount of votes. It may be under a thousand. Portland is a scumbag city. It is a San Francisco with less hype. It’s the perfect place for ACORN style fraud to occur.

Let’s demand a recount. Demand that every military absentee vote be counted. Demand full accountability for every precinct including slime infested Portland. Let’s save one last Senate seat for our filibuster. It is the only thing we have now.