Lessons from Massachusetts; The Two Biggest Issues of the Obama/Marxist Agenda

There are two issues, and only two issues, that really matter to Marxists like Obama. They are two issues that should require the full diligence of every conservative and the absolute resolve of Republicans in the Senate. We are the minority power. We must use our energy and political capital wisely.

These two issues of the centerpiece of Marxist thought. They are the topic of faculty lounges in Amherst and coffee shops in Cambridge. For conservatives to win again, we must learn the art of the culture war too. We must judge every single political and policy issue through the lense of the culture war. Get used to these two issues now; “Information control” and “Power Entrenchment”. That is it. That is all that matters now.

The new Left does not care if they get their way now. They do not care about any singular issue. They have patiently plotted and waited forty years for victory; the Marxists have waited twice as long. In his acceptance speech, Obama already referenced his second term. They are patient people.

Obama and his Marxists advisors know they can ruin the whole thing if they act imprudently and impatiently like Clinton did in 1992. Clinton and the Democratic Congress quickly overstepped and got smacked down in 1994. As a consequence, the new Left agenda was set back fourteen years. They are many things, including insidious, but they are not stupid.

What we will see from Obama after the inaugural is centrist rhetoric; compromise on issues and policy matters that don’t really matter to the big picture. It simply does not matter to them as long as they remain in power.

What they cede now is only so they can save their political capital for their two pet issues; information control and power entrenchment. Those two issues ensure a permanent majority. Once the new Left has created a permanent majority through information control and power entrenchment that leads to a culture of ignorance and dependency, the real radicalization will begin.

To the Marxist, check cards are not about workers. They are about power entrenchment. To the Marxist, school choice is not about education. It is about information control. To the Marxist, the Fairness Doctrine isn’t about fairness, it is about information control. To the Marxist, amnesty is about the immigrant, it is about power entrenchment. So on and so on. These are the issues that require our full diligence now.

Return to this. Return to that. Purge this. Purge that. Let’s be clear about one thing; Conservatives/Republicans are dopes when it comes to separating policy from the culture war. The new Left is very smart about it.

People like the McCain Republicans and fiscal conservatives can never see the big picture. They are worried about procedural matters on a surface level. How does legislation get passed? How does money get appropriated? How are campaigns financed? They wish to beleive the best in all Americans; that in the end we are all looking out for the best interests of America and, while me may disagree, we are all still patriots. Wrong.

The cultural Marxist is a machine, a political terminator. They are not satisfied. The lance has not been boiled. The itch has not been scratched. They have just begun. For the next two to four years, they will INVEST EVERYTHING is solidifying their power through information control and entrenchment.

If we don’t stop them now, the damage will be irrevocable. That’s all that matters.