No Matter The Outcome; A Very Sad Day

I’m a healthy able bodied bachelor in my thirties. I live in Boston. I know this city like the back of my hand and I am not shy about meandering through the shady neighborhoods during the late hours of the night. There are many things I do not like about Boston, but it is my city and I am not afraid here.

A group of Republicans are planning to hold an election party at a bar in a very popular area of the city. I started to wonder what would happen if McCain actually won tonight or if the race was too close to call. For the first time, I have a genuine fear of my city.

This could get ugly. Even if we win, this could be a very, very sad day. After the voting is done this early evening, there is a part of me that wants to go around and tell those few brave McCain supporters to take down their signs and pull the bumper stickers off their cars. There will be angry, irrational retribution if Obama loses. There is a McCain campaign office in downtown Boston that mainly exists to support lower New Hampshire. The odds that that office being vandalized tonight if McCain wins are higher than I want to acknowledge.

I’m jacked. I’m wired. I’m excited in my own little world. I told myself that I got to get away from the computer and watch the election coverage with like minded people. I thought of going to that party at that bar then I asked myself if I am prepared, not prepared to lose, but prepared to fight. The new Left is a cult; a bourgeoning fascist movement.

The new Democratic Party is the old Democratic Party in places like Boston. Here, I see the future of the Democratic Party and it is sick. This sucks.