Fear The Three Headed Monster; Obama-Pelosi-Reid

During these last five days, I ask people to start using “Obama-Pelosi-Reid” as much as they can.

The McCain camp’s inability to attach Obama to this miserable Congress has been one of its greatest failures. Even in dark Blue Massachusetts, we have often elected Republican governors because people fear one party rule. It’s intuitive. Most people regardless of ideology and party affiliation are skeptical of politicians and one party rule.

Having both parties represented in Washington provides a critical check on shady cronyism, corrupt backroom dealings and runaway liberal government. Only recently has McCain brought this up and he did not hit on the theme very hard. Still, it resonated. It’s a winning theme with independents.

I suggest everyone drop the cute nicknames for Obama and make the effort to use Obama-Pelosi-Reid when ever they can. Whether it be in blogs, in letters to the editor, in phone bank conversations, in causal conversation; associating Obama with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid is important and worth the effort.

I personally intend to use Obama-Pelosi-Reid as much as possible, while campaigning for McCain in NH . I know the good government, libertarian type of moderates in NH fear the idea of one party rule and unchecked far Left government. Even the ones who openly support Obama give pause when they consider the lack of checks and the risk of backroom shenanigans in Washington.

Every day, all day, Obama-Pelosi-Reid. Obama-Pelosi-Reid. Obama-Pelosi-Reid.

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