Obama's Arrogance and The World Series; Get Mad Baseball Fans

People should make a stink over Obama’s half hour infomercial. This is another example of Obama’s arrogance and sense of self-importance that could backfire.

Obama’s half hour infomercial is scheduled to push game six of the World Series back tomorrow. Philadelphia fans are fanatic over their baseball team. Philadelphia is a four sport town that has not won a championship in decades and they are defensive, angry and maniacal about winning a championship. They are playing the equally infatuating Tampa Bay Rays. It is a strange coincidence that the World Series is focused on Central Florida and Eastern Pennsylvania, two of the most crucial battleground areas in this whole election. It could have easily been Boston versus LA.

Tomorrow, Phillie fans could be on the edge of their seats and Obama’s little arrogant half hour stunt might not go over so well. Twice during this election the Obama camp has made the same mistake; they let Obama’s sense of self-importance and grandiosity backfire. First, they did this in Germany, which resulted in the “Celebrity” and “The One” campaign. The second time was in Denver with the Greek columns, which was heralded by the press until the Republicans smacked down the pomposity of the whole event as the whole nation watched Sarah Palin mock Obama during her convention speech.

Could Obama make the same mistake a third time? Avid sports fan don’t want their passion and escapism to be interrupted by politicians of any stripe. The campaign saturation in some of these places is bad enough, but a half hour promo that delays the World Series may be too much, especially in Central Florida and Eastern Pennsylvania. These games can last a long time and people who work early or who have children who have to go to school may be annoyed by Obama gross and ludicrously expensive half hour show.

I was thinking of calling Philadelphia and Tamp Bay sport radio stations and writing entries on ssports and poltical blog in those markets. Republicans should work to make sure that his half hour stunt backfires, especially in Florida and Pennsylvania.

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