First Four Monday Polls; We Must Spread The Good News Ourselves

Is McCain surging or are pollsters tightening up their models to salvage some credibility? Either way, the MSM is desperately trying to supress Republican enthusiasm and smug elitist Beltway conservatives are eating their baloney. We must spread the truth and generate energy ourselves.

Monday polling is historically bad for Republicans. Much of the data is based on Saturday or Sunday, when working famililes and people of faith are less inclined to answer the phone. Polls based on weekend data tend to favor Democrats. That being said, the first four polls of Monday show McCain has:

  • shaven 3 points off Rasmussen – Obama +5
  • shaven 5 points off Zogby – Obama +5
  • shaven 1 point off GW/Battleground – Obama +3
  • shaven 3 points off biased Kos pollster Research USA – Obama +8

Word is the McCain internals had him down four over the weekend. If McCain can get it within a couple of points, and he has over a week to do so, McCain can win. The majority of the battleground states are states that Hillary whipped Obama despite polling. If the polling/election trends for the general mimic the polling/election trends for Democratic Primary, McCain wins Ohio, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

Keep the faith. Keep fighting. Spread the good news.

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