The Best Line in the 2008 Ads

Via McCain’s new ad:

“Obama wants my sweat to pay to pay for his trillion dollars in new spending.”

I love the way this guy delivers that line:

If you are not focused on:

  • McCain’s tax, spending and economic policy;
  • Sarah Palin’s magnetism;
  • Joe the Plumber’s populist appeal;
  • Joe Biden’s dunderhead comment about crisis;
  • REAL issues of Obama’s ideology and character; or
  • The GOTV effort

You are hurting the cause and promoting socialism. There are less than two weeks to go, stop the kooky conspiracy theories and the wasteful self-promotion diatribes. Lets unite and help drag McCain over the finish line.

And no, I don’t care if Obama is a Muslim or what he was doing when he was five. No swing voter really does. In fact, it pisses many of them off that we are even talking about it. We need message discipline and you tools are just diluting the message and wasting everyone’s time.

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