Democrat Tim Mahoney is a Whoremonger and the MSM are Hypocrites

This silence is deafening. I recall Mark Foley’s 2006 sex scandal quite vividly. The media descended on Florida like a furious flock of vultures They were quick to link Mark Foley with the Republican Party, as if his personal decadence was emblematic of corruption in the entire Republican Party.

His successor was the righteous Democrat Tim Mahoney. Well, the righteous Tim Mahoney just got busted in a seedy sex scandal of his own. He was also caught giving hush money to a hooker, while the Dems were doing their best to hide this story. Where is the media frenzy now? Where is the outrage?

Crickets, crickets, crickets

Yes, this is a seat we can take back. But it’s more. It’s an opportunity to remind Florida and America of the hypocrisy and corruption that is rife within the Democratic Party and it is an opportunity to call out and expose the sick, hypocritical partisan mainstream media. Today, I’m am sure a few more people in Florida are going to vote Republican in November. Thanks, Mahoney.