Cleveland Election Officials Launch Probe of ACORN

Today, Cleveland election official have launched an investigation of ACORN. The bipartisan Cuyahoga County Board of Election voted unanimously on Monday to ask a prosecutor to investigate multiple registrations by four people.

The ACORN story is of critical importance. Much has been written on the subject, but we cannot relent. There are rumors that a RICO investigation of ACORN is imminent. If this is true, it is a game changer. We must continue to link Obama to ACORN. Obama gave ACORN $800,000 last spring. He was endorsed by ACORN. He worked as a lawyer for ACORN. There is also a video linking Obama to ACORN

This may result in scrubbing the roles of fraudulent registrations. Even if it does not, it is still an opportunity to sway voters. The right to vote is our most sacred right. All else is irrelevant without the vote. All Americans should be furious at Obama and the Democrats for enabling this fraud.