Brand New IBD/TIPP Poll: Obama +2 (13% Still Undecided)

This poll is a hell of lot more accurate than anything ABC or Newsweek spews, but it will get little attention unless Republicans make hay of it. I hate polls, but I’ll be damned to sit back and watch every poll showing Obama with a double digit lead get primetime press. I don’t think one poll warrants a diary, but there is a larger point here and that it is getting sickening to watch many Republicans buy into the media spin over Obama’s inevitability, which is often fed by lousy polls with skewed voting samples. The polls ARE GETTING TIGHTER. The market is up and there is still over three weeks left.

The ABC poll was a sampling joke. If you are going to look at polls, you have to look at them all. IBD/TIPP is very accurate. Don’t let the naysayers, the spinsters and the suckers who fall for their crap drag you down. Obama +2, huh.