The First Dude Has Been Deployed

The First Dude Has Been Deployed. It’s over now. The Dems could barely stand the heat brought by one Palin. How are they going to handle two?

The McCain camp sent Todd Palin to campaign in New Hampshire and Maine this weekend. Hey, its the little things that count. In fact, it may be the little states that count. McCain believes that one or two electoral votes could swing this election and they are confident they can steal at least one Blue EV in Maine.

Early reports look like he’s doing well. Mainers and Northern New Hampshirites love their outdoor heritage. Some more votes for the election day groundswell called the SILENT MAJORITY.

In NH, Todd rode the annual Grass Drags and Water Crossing Tournment, which draws over 20,000. Yes, it is that big up there. The snow machine champ has been underutilized in snow covered country. He also attend a barbeque at the Moosehead Trail Trading Post in Maine. He’s back at it tommorow in Maine. Locals up there like that kind of personal attention. Plus, he is one of them. He really could help.