A Call For State Specific Ads On The ACORN Crisis

I believe in the attacks on ACORN. However, I’m not sure if they are resonating as much as they could be.

Battleground states are flooded with ads. After a while, they become “white noise” to people. The ACORN attacks are good, but most of them are generic in nature. The ACORN corruption may have a tendency to be one of those “wow that happened over there, but it could never happen here” issues. Or maybe people assume it’s just the big cities like Philadelphia and Cleveland.

It would be wise to remind people that it is their state, their county and, in some instances, their elected Democrats who are enabling these crimes. Tell people that it’s Hamilton County, and it’s Lehigh County, and it’s Dauphin County. Name names like Democrat Jennifer Brunner. Tell the voters specific numbers and warn them that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Start making it personal. Remind the independent voter that this is occurring in their own backyards and that it is the Democrats who are robbing them of their most sacred right, the power of their vote.

Then bring it all home with the fact that Obama gave $800,000 to ACORN last spring and that he has been an activist, a supporter and a lawyer for ACORN.

State specific ads in states like NV, OH, PA, CO, with state specific information should resonate much more in this ad intensive season then some of the generic stuff we have been seeing.