Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, LAWBREAKER

It’s time for an Ohio specific ad citing ACORN, Brunner and Obama’s Chicago style politics. It’ll be well worth the money.

Yes, another corrupt Democrat is exposed. I don’t know if I missed it, but I can’t recall much discussion over the U.S. District Court’s ruling against Ohio’s corrupt Secretary of State, Democrat Jennifer Brunner. Judge George C. Smith explicitly stated that Brunner is breaking federal law. This is a major blow to the Ohio Democrats.

At issue is the Help America Vote Act. Judge Smith ruled that the Act requires the Secretary of State to not only to verify the identity of newly registered voters, but to also provide counties with the names of new voters whose records did not match. Brunner’s office had been doing the verification but had not made the names available to county elections boards.

Obviously, this ruling will provide another check against voter registration fraud. It is also another blemish on the record of the Ohio Democrats. This decision comes down when the ACORN scandals are gaining steam. Nonpartisan patriotic Ohioans must be alarmed by these stories. This is not a conspiracy theory promulgated by talk radio. This is a Federal Judge calling Jennifer Brunner a lawbreaker. This is election fraud that could result in tens of thousands of fraudelent votes being cast. This should rise above the white noise of campaign rhetoric and get much attention in the battleground area of Columbus and hopefully the whole state.

Support an Ohio specific ad calling out ACORN, Brunner and ChicagObama.