100,000 to 1 Odds Palin Throws Down Tommorow Night

Tomorrow night Sarah Palin drops the ceremonial first puck before the Philadelphia Flyers home opener. The Flyers have been running a contest searching for the “Ultimate Hockey Mom.” Palin is being honored for promoting the sport.

On the lighter side, offshore books are offering all kinds of silly proposition wagers. One that I found kind of amusing was a wager that Palin will drop the gloves at center ring and fight Flyers captain Mike Richards. The odds are 100,000 to 1 that it happens.

On a serious note, it’s a non-political event, but some liberal groups are trying to organize Flyers fans to boo her. Philadelphia sport fans are notoriously brutal, but she has been great for the sport of hockey, so I hope the Flyers fans show a little class tomorrow.

Either way, this will generate tremendous bang for the buck. She should get tons of press on cable sports channels like ESPN as well as news channels. Colorado or Minnesota would have been the perfect place to do this. Columbus, Tamp Bay, and Carolina also have teams and would be other options to generate some cheap press through a nontraditional medium – sports pages and sports networks.