Run With The ACORN; McCain Is

ACORN has a chance to pierce the mainstream media spin cycle. McCain is now mentioning them at rallies. It can tarnish the reputation of Obama, but it can do more. It can foster a sense of resentment amongst voters that their vote is being stolen from them by machine style Democratic crooks. If exploited correctly, Republicans can tie the ACORN scandal into the culture of corruption and Wall Street and Washington.

ACORN is corrupt and the last thing Americans are in the mood for is corrupt power brokers mugging them. Ayers sullied Obama’s reputation. ACORN can do the same, but it can do more. It can feed into the theme that corrupt insiders are robbing Main Street Americans. It all leads back to Obama and his Chicago Style politics. One advantage to this story is that it already has local media coverage in key swing states like Nevada, Missouri and Ohio. Republicans should piggy back on that news and parlay this story into one of the culture of corruption that permeates Obama and the Democrats. Democrats are robbing Main Street of their right to vote. ChicagObama can be stopped:

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