YES - AYERS IS WORKING - Four Brand New National Polls Show Traction

Brand new polls don’t factor in yesterday’s debate:

  • GW/BattleGround = Obama +4
  • Hotline = Obama +1
  • Ras = Obama +6
  • Reuters/Zogby = Obama +2

Every single poll shows momentum towards McCain. This is all Palin and this is all the character attacks. Americans do not want a terrorist sympathizer in the White House and more importantly they may begin doubting Obama’s veracity and character, which will help the economic arguments. People are starting to doubt the media portrayal of Obama.

And although I do not believe McCain soundly beat Obama last night, I think he did well enough to gain a few more points. This thing could be real tight by the end of the weak.

Keep the focus on Obama. Keep attacking. 27 days is plenty of time. Palin Power !!!!