McCain's New Ad; Why Attacking Obama's Character Will Work

Attacking Obama’s character will work for two reasons. First, it will work on merit alone. People don’t want to vote for a radical or someone they don’t like. Second, it will work because it weakens all of Obama’s other arguments. If people don’t trust Obama or think he is lying, they will be LESS inclined to believe him on other issues like the economy or health care. You can’t debate Obama and Biden on issues like the economy because the media lets them get away with lying. The only other alternative is to call them out as liars and sow the seeds of doubt in the public. Meanwhile, they are being exposed for the hypocrites and radicals that they are. Here’s McCain’s new ad:

I like the switch from “Not Ready To Lead” to “He Lied”. That should be the new mantra for a couple of weeks.