Spinning the Debate Into a McCain Victory

I think McCain can come out tonight a winner. The reason is simple. The debate was boring. However, America already knew that McCain was boring. People expect Obama to be dynamic.

Neither candidate distinguished himself, but the casual observer must have been disappointed with Obama. McCain’s ceiling was already low, so there was less room for disappointment. Obama’s ceiling was quite high, so when they both got dragged down in that tedious affair, Obama’s fall was greater.

Conservatives were disappointed that McCain didn’t deliver a knock out, but that was the McCain the casual observer expected. On the other hand, the casual observer who has been fed heaping spoonfuls of pro-Obama spin or who watched him mesmerize with a teleprompter must be saying to themselves – Obama’s really not that impressive and kind of boring.

The hyped, articulate, mesmerizing, enthroned Obama of Denver is dead.