McCain Being Outspent Three To One On TV Ads

McCain is being outspent by three to one of TV. If he loses, it may be the result of his own impetuous legislation. I’m not a grecophile, but I’m pretty sure that’s either ironic or tragic or both.

This article and chart explains the discrepancy in ad spending. I’m not sure where all his public funding money went nor do I know where the RNC money is going, but somebody has to step up to the plate here and help McCain.

The one thing McCain can do is mention it during the debates. He has two more debates and should mention it in each one. He should come right out and say it. He may even want to mention specific states. I think Obama is spending like ten times more than he has in North Carolina. It may get some voters to think twice the next time they see an Obama ad. This is disgusting, it’s like fighting with one arm tied behind your back: