This Race Will Change

The McCain camp has released a relentless campaign schedule. They’ve indicated that they will become more aggressive and they have started to unleash Sarah Palin. Sarah killed it in the debate. Yesterday, she attacked Obama’s statement that American soldiers are “killing civilians” in Afghanistan. Today, she has accused him of “palling” around with terrorists. These statements are already causing a stir and this is the tip of the iceberg.

The McCain camp is trying to make this election a referendum on Obama, but success requires unity of purpose. For weeks now Republicans and conservatives have been scattered and ineffective. Arguments over free market theories and wonkish sub-committee dealings are a distraction right now. Pursuing this tactic has failed us miserably. We need unity of purpose.

Sarah will have four large rallies in Florida and many others this week. She is going to relentlessly attack Obama in a way the McCain camp has been reluctant to do. It appears the McCain ad machine will soon follow with a series of hard hitting negative ads. He has pulled his only positive ad for the time being. All indication are that McCain is going to come out swinging in the debate.

He’s about to sick the hounds on Obama. The real Obama has been hidden from the people for far too long. This is the strategy they wish to pursue and this is the one we should join.