30 Reasons To Support A Quick Deal

There is no ideal solution to this mess. There is no happy ending for conservatives. But If we can ever learn to seperate election politics from ideology, we can get back to trying to win this election. It’s not going to happen if things don’t change. The bailout has consumed the news cycle and that is bad for Republicans. Meanwhile these storylines (and others) are being kept away from the undecided voter:

  • William Ayers
  • Bernadine Dohrn
  • Saul Alinski
  • Without Preconditions
  • Nuclear Iran
  • The Surge
  • Afghanistan/David Patreaus
  • Energy Independence
  • Coal
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Off Shore Drilling
  • Jeremiah Wright
  • Taxes
  • Obama’s Old Spending
  • Obama’s New Spending Plans
  • Imperial Russia
  • Georgia
  • Tony Rezco
  • Chicago Machine Politics
  • Outing Media Bias
  • P.O.W./Hero
  • Socialized Health Care
  • Liberal Judges
  • Biden Gaffes
  • Life
  • NRA Media Blitz
  • Children With Special Needs
  • School Choice

If this election is a referendum on Obama and not Bush or the economy, we can win. When you are behind in the polls, you must be the aggressor. Obama and the Democrats win under the status quo. We must change the game. Financial crisis is inevitable bad for Republicans. Poll after poll shows this. Republicans are still perceived as the party of big business. We cannot change that in a couple weeks.

Principled conservatives are upset at this deal? What do they think four years of Obama/Reid/Pelosi and a bunch of new liberal judges will look like? This is drop in the ocean compared what’s to come next. This financial situation is busted. We are sacrificing an election for a symbolic victory that is not going to happen. Now, we can only hope to pick the lesser of two evils, move on, and change the story line.

This election needs to be a referendum on Obama!