Great News; Sarah Palin is FREE

According to Bill Kristol, John McCain is upset at Palin’s handlers. It appears they are pursuing a new course and are preparing to unleash her as a combative conservative for the debate. I assume this is the role she will assume for the stretch run. In light of the bailout, unapologetic Palin populism should resonate well. The public will be excited to hear from a politician who is as far removed from D.C. and Wall Street as can be. Palin is in a position to bring the heat like few others can right now. She is completely outside the scope of this mess. Furthermore, her debate expectations are so low that she is bound to surprise people regardless, but if she has the confidence to be herself and be combative, she could crush it and shock America again.

In the role of the unapologetic conservative, she won’t have to be so conscientious. Her rejection and scorn of the media was one of the things that vaulted her stardom. Who cares if she flubs a line or mispronounces some foreign leader’s name. She’ll just laugh it off and parlay their ridicule into another example of media elitism. Let her remind small town American and working women everywhere why they were so infatuated in the first place.

The latest strategy is about midway down the article:

Debate expectations:


Romney says it best: