Just Win Baby

Let’s just focus on winning this election. If conservative purists are worried about the big government ramification of this package, remind them what four years of Obama/Reid/Pelosi government will look like. Also, remind them who is captaining the Republican ship. I am not the biggest John McCain fan, but I trust him on protecting the taxpayers and fighting special interests including Wall Street. There will be four years to address the fundamental root causes of this crisis. There is only a matter of weeks to win this election.

Republicans are flailing in the wind seemingly unable to distinguish election politics from policy fights and the culture war. There is a difference between policy and principles. There is a difference between conservativism and the Republican Party. Now is not the time to engage in great discussions over conservatism and economic policy. Now is the time to win an election. Our undivided attention should be on winning elections, especially the presidency.

Suddenly, every Republican in America is a macro-economist. Neophyte economists everywhere are exclaiming such incongruities as the need for more deregulation and the need for more transparency in the same breath. Huh. All of this is a quagmire. Most of us are clueless. No one knows what was said behind closed doors. No one really knows what this “sucker could come crashing down” really means. No layman really knows the best course of action right now.

However, we should know that it takes message discipline and organization to win an election. We should know that sound bites, image projection and visceral reactions matter more in election politics than economic theories, committee meetings and backroom politics. We’ve lost our message discipline. We’ve put John McCain on page two. We’ve engaged in a debate that the average undecided voter doesn’t understand.

We are wrought with dissonance. This is no time to be espousing the economic theories nor is it time for every conservative blogger in America to be selfishly fixated on making a name for themselves by breaking a story. Let’s be good soldiers and follow Steve Schmidt’s lead. It’s a shame when rag tag liberal hippies display more discipline in a campaign than conservatives. We’ve wasted ample ammunition for lack of message discipline.

On Monday, McCain will give a speech in Columbus, Ohio. Listen closely. He will let us know the next phase of his campign and the message he wants to deliver. Follow his lead. In order to pierce the MSM filter, we need a united front to deliver a strong consistent message. The election is seeks away and the Republican Party looks scattered and the conservative blogosphere is aimless.

There will be a lot of time for discussions, reflections and selfish pursuits after the election. Right now, Just Win Baby.