Deal Reached; McCain Wins; Obama, the MSM and the 'Too Intellectual for Party Politics' Conservatives Lose

McCain wins. He announced his bold plan to surrender his campaign and return to Washington until a deal was reached. Within hours of his announcement, the MSM, getting their talking points from the Obama campaign, tried to spin his leadership as a desperate ploy and worse. Sadly, many ‘intellectual’ conservatives followed suit. Apparently, some free market egg head types were disappointed with McCain’s new populist tone and his kicking Chris Cox to the curb. So, McCain ruffled some feather along the way. Politics is blood sport. Pundits like George Will are the George McClellans. John McCain is Ulysses Grant. This is no time for pondering and vacillating. Decisions have to be made. Leaders have to lead. Go back to the library or deal with it.

McCain led the charge to Washington. Obama followed like a lapdog. Everybody saw it. The media cannot color everything to their liking. Through sheer self-assertion, he exposed the truth in a moment of crisis. Now, McCain can return to Oxford, Mississippi with his held high. The debate will go on. What would have happened if a deal was not reached is pure conjecture. He will appear the vicotr. The leader. A lion debating Bambi.

America is reminded that McCain is a leader. America is reminded that McCain’s leadership is effective. America is reminded that McCain’s judgement in a momnet of crisis was correct and Obama’s wrong just like the Georgian crisis. McCain predicted that a deal would require all parties to come together and put country first. That’s exactly what happened. A deal was cut while both McCain and Obama returned to Washington after Obama looked meak on the the campaign trail, most likely lamenting his lost campaign preperations. Where is Greg Craig? I need Greg Craig. Uh, uh, um, uh, how am I going to debate if I don’t uh have a uh 100 hours of uh debate prep with a Greg Craig.

The Dems and the MSM worked desperately to spin this against McCain. They both failed. Things occurred like McCain predicted and all to his favor. Yeah, Obama the debate will go on. Too bad you couldn’t spend more selfish time preparing. Wish they were postponed now? Sucker.

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