4 EC Votes, a Senate Seat and Two House Seats

All of that is up for grabs in little old New Hampshire. A new poll shows Republican challenger Jennifer Horn creeping up on Representative Paul Hodes who won this seat during the blue tide of 2006. This race was never considered close, but a new poll shows Hodes leading by a meager four points (The margin of error is five). Horn has no political experience, but has a certain small town appeal and is a surprisingly effective candidate. Here’s the scrappy Jennifer Horn (does she remind you of anybody, hmmm, think hard):

Another race is a 2006 rematch. Jeb Bradley fits his district well, but was swept away during the blue tide of 2006. His opponent, Carol Shea-Porter, is a moonbat liberal who needed a high tide year like 2006 to win. This seat is a prime target of the NRCC. Shea-Porter is way too liberal for district NH-01. Jeb Bradley is wisely attacking Shea-Porter’s long vacation and lack of an energy policy:

And then there is the all important Senate race. Sununu was long left for dead. However, he withered the early storm of anti-Republican sentiments, Obama infatuation and nostalgia for his opponent, former governor Jeanne Shaheen. He made a decision to not run ads early, while Shaheen hammered him. That hurt him, but now Sununu has a much larger war chest than Shaheen and is launching a counter attack. Republican ID is way up which should help in a place like New Hampshire. The appointment of hockey mom Sarah Palin should also help in this independent populist conservative state. I heard Sununu on local radio and he said Palin is scheduled for multiple trips. He sounded psyched. This is something of a long shot, but Sununu is a fighter and this race cannot be written off yet. Get reacquainted with John Sununu:

I have a feeling that New Hampshire is a place where McCain can creep up on Obama. The latest poll shows McCain up two. People are infatuated with Obama, but know and trust McCain. That comfort level will not wear off, but Obama’s infatuation probably will. The town hall style debates should help New Hampshire realize why they like McCain. He is authentic. Obama is plastic. They love his town hall style approach up here. He won two primaries. Not a lot of electoral votes, but every electoral vote could count this year.