A McCain Campaign Mystery

Why isn’t McCain running against Congress? It’s hard to define the “center” in American politics, but this much we know is true – the center fears unfettered liberalism and liberal judges. On top of that, we have the least productive Congress in history and the lowest rated Congress in history and Democrats control both houses. Yet, McCain does not have one ad (and he seems to have a new ad every other day) attacking the do-nothing Congress or warning of unchecked liberal government. Why?

This is not Obama versus McCain. This is Obama/Reid/Pelosi and unfettered liberalism versus McCain-Palin. You don’t need a doctorate in political science to figure out which side wins that argument. Rampant, unfettered, politically correct, nanny state liberal government is not the will of Middle America. The center will reject Obama if it realizes that a vote for Obama is also a green light for an army of new liberal judges. McCain should remind America that Obama/Reid/Pelosi will have no checks. I suggest mssrs Schmidt and Davis call it what it is – a three headed liberal monster. Yet, McCain is running as if Congress is controlled by Republicans. Here are a few reasons he may not be running against Congress:

1) Schmidt is running a disciplined thematic campaign. Firing all your bullets at once just causes all the messages to be diluted. He has had a series of well timed themes; tearing down the myth of Obama; building up the experience of McCain; identifying McCain as a reformer. Is this Schmidt’s ace in the hole? Will we see this theme later? I hope so.

2) Respect for the NRCC and NRSC. The Democrats are about as likely to win eleven Senate seats as the Republicans are likely to win back Congress. Still, the committees much push their aggressive themes for morale. Perhaps the McCain campaign wants to give the NRCC and NRSC a little grace period before it makes this argument, which is basically conceding that the Republicans have no shot of winning back either branch.

3) Worse case scenario; this is the McCain we fear. I sincerely hope McCain is not running against Congress because he does not want to look polarizing or partisan. He is serious about putting country first and working with Democrats. He may feel that attacking Congress may ignite passionate partisan divides. I sincerely hope not, but it seems like classic McCain.

Even in Boston, eyes light up and roll at the thought of a liberal Senate and Obama appointing judges who legislate from the bench on such issues as gay marriage, gun rights, and crime. Even many die hard Democrats are sympathetic to the idea of checks and balances as contrasted to uniform party rule.

It’s such an obvious winning message. Why isn’t McCain using it? It’s mysterious. Call Mulder and Scully.